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Discussion – 


Windows OEM Activation keys sold in the grey market

What’s an OEM license key

Windows OS is offered by PC makers like HP, Dell, Asus, and others with a built-in Product Key that may be activated instantly. The Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, key is what this is. Your computers already have it installed. This embedded product key is preserved in the motherboard’s BIOS/NVRAM. EFI’s It enables an unlimited number of Windows installations on that PC.

The user, however, is unable to use the key on another PC because it is locked onto the motherboard of a PC. However, there is almost any distinction between OEM and retail versions. Both are operating system complete versions and have all the features, updates, and functionality a user might want.

How it’s being exploited

One important headline to know. Old keys from old computers activates new installations on a new laptop.

Almost all the cheap Windows 10 OEM keys are sold on the grey market are taken from the below sources:

  • Old Windows 7 Laptops
  • Stolen or leaked keys from the manufacturer

Why old keys still work on other laptops

Windows/Microsoft offers free upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I think it’s a marketing strategy from Microsoft the keep the monopoly going and make Windows the main global operating system. Accessibly and the ability migrate users to a new platform which is more profitable since they have the Microsoft store and other services like running advertisements and paid suggestions.

Spreading an operating system that collects more data is the main goal too.


Although the OEM keys are offered with the machine some users are not aware of it. That creates a new grey market pushed by Microsoft’s lack of validation.

Activating Windows 10 with an OEM license key instead of cracking it increases the security of the machine and offers updates which patches the critical penalties and increases the stability of the operating system.

If you’re interested how to activate the windows 10 operating system please watch the Arabic video that I made earlier.




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